Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is no longer a supporting component within companies. With the evolution of technology and customer expectations, it has taken on a more dominant role. Customers expect their suppliers to react more rapidly and reliably, which in turn increases demands on planning and implementing industrial and logistical activities. Globalisation of supply chains makes the interaction between all the links in the chain a competitive requirement. Supply chain management customised for individual customers is the challenge of the future.

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Given the increase in the number of surgical procedures, the management of the Tivoli University Hospital wanted to verify that building new operating theatres was…
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Friesland Campina

FrieslandCampina is able to optimize total transportation cost, if it can process an additional milk stream in one of its Belgian facilities. It is not…
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Colruyt laagste prijzen

Colruyt laagste prijzen (CLP) wants to understand the dynamics of the flow of goods through their value chain. They want to be able to cluster…
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