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We recycle more when we Wecycle.

Strategic challenge

Wecycle collects electrical appliances and energy efficient lighting and guarantees optimum recycling. To continue to grow it wants to:

  • optimise the service.
  • improve organisational aspects such as registration, processes and IT system.



The starting point was customer segmentation. The requirements of each segment were mapped out. This resulted in a good overview of the segmented value proposition and the value drivers of each customer segment.


Processes to be carried out were optimised on the basis of this determination of needs. An adaptation of the IT system to support all this was also required.

Implementation and follow-up

Möbius continued to support Wecycle during the implementation and made adjustments where necessary. The new processes were embedded in the organisation up to the shop floor.


Wecycle is experiencing a better interaction with its customers:

  • the driven customer segmentation provides a clear overview of the need of each type customer.
  • a better match between customer needs and the own organisation, in work processes and IT applications.

Möbius takes the burden off my shoulders.

Jan Vlak, Director

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