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Redesign of the front office

Strategic challenge

Outsourced services for protection and prevention at work (SEPPT) SPMT and ARISTA have decided to merge their organisations to become a major player in Belgium.

Accordingly, reorganization of front office activities is intrinsically necessary. Firstly, the merger must be seen at all levels on the ground, through harmonisation of processes and the organisation itself, for the benefit of clients. Secondly, the changes brought about by changes in legislation require a radical change of the approach to the services offered to clients.

The challenges of the new merged entity therefore reside both in the service offers developed and how (new) services offered are provided.


Möbius assists SPMT-ARISTA, from analysing the current situation to implementing the new structure on the ground. Key elements of our approach include:

  • More than 100 encounters on the ground across Belgium have been organised to learn about the working methods used by the two companies. Client segmentation based on needs has been defined to rework the organisation of the front office.
  • Client experience has been optimised with the revelation of target “Customer Journeys” within the new organisation.
  • Work in “co-creation” mode: over 50 people (management and employees) divided into seven work groups have worked intensely to develop new, more consistent organisational contours and devise a solid, realistic implementation plan.
  • Assistance with the implementation plan on the ground is anticipated (and underway), to put the organisational changes in place.


Collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • A new organisational structure which meets the company´s future challenges, in terms of legislation, being multi-discipline and effectiveness.
  • Raising of awareness of client ‑orientation throughout the organization.
  • Mobilisation of the members of the seven work groups, turned into agents for change and stakeholders in implementing the new common structure.

The project led with Möbius is vital for SPMT-ARISTA because it will make or break SPMT-ARISTA in the future, giving it a structured, harmonised, effective organisation. Working with Möbius is about diverting away from our own forces, guided and assisted, and attaining a solid result, directly applicable on the ground.

Nicolas Bodson, CEO

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