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Scoutopia takes place on 7 March!

Creating a broad support base by means of a step-by-step, participative approach.
Delphine Vanvooren

Scoutopia taking place this Saturday! Scoutopia is the event for Les Scouts, attended by 600 scouts leaders! Besides being an annual event which aims to provide an enjoyable get-together, it is, above all, a chance to prepare for the coming year. This year, the plan is that everyone will be motivated to continue with the democratization and further improvement of the federation.

Project with Les Scouts

Les Scouts is an organisation in which all the key responsibilities are in the hands of volunteers. The policy of Les Scouts is one in which far-reaching involvement, joint decision-making and participation in events are crucial. Within this framework, Möbius was asked to examine the ways in which involvement and participation in events could be further improved.

The goal of our assignment was to formulate possible solutions and create a broad support base. Möbius decided to realise this by means of a step-by-step, participative approach.

  • A questionnaire was compiled on the basis of initial talks with the most important stakeholders from Les Scouts. This extensive enquiry was organised via the Internet and was extremely successful (3,167 answers, a 95% success rate).
  • The next step was to organise a number of workshops to identify the core reasons for the problem. These workshops took place in various cities in Wallonia in order to reach as many Les Scouts leaders and their assistants as possible.
  • At the same time, Möbius conducted a benchmark study of other Scouting organisations (including international organisations) and youth movements to establish whether they were having similar problems and to look at how these organisations are structured.

World Café

All these elements led to four main themes and 16 sub-themes which will be explored on Saturday, 7 March in the form of a World Café (an extremely interactive form of meeting which makes it possible to arrive at a concrete results with large groups) to be attended by 600 scouts. It is the intention that ideas will emerge from this unique event (a World Café of this scope is certainly unique – 600 people meeting around 120 tables for 1 hour) which will lead to the democratisation and improvement of the federation.

Möbius will ultimately formulate concrete proposals based on these ideas, which can then be presented to all scouts in the form of a comprehensive questionnaire, the results of which will be used to rank the proposals for improvement in order of priority. These ranked proposals will then be presented to the management committee of the federation.

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