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Integrated service platforms

Towards a synergy in Wallonia that goes beyond the current networks

Strategic challenge

To save costs and optimize quality, health institutions want to/must increasingly work together, especially in areas that are not part of their core business. Möbius assisted 22 hospitals as they analyzed and reflected on the feasibility of the creation of “integrated service platforms”. This exercise will allow hospitals to take an objective decision on the necessary collaborations, implantation, feasibility and operation of these integrated logistic platforms based on mathematical simulations.


The project ran from July 2015 until April 2016 and consisted of two major phases.

During a first phase, Möbius facilitated the thinking process around the mission, vision, objectives of these logistic platforms, both through individual interviews with healthcare institutions and through joint workshops. A number of national and international examples were used as a reference. In this way, a consensus was reached on the modalities, perimeter (pharmacy, sterilization and warehouse) and a first high level feasibility study was made.

In a second phase, a simulation model was built by Möbius. On the one hand, based on the processes that were drawn up together with experts from the various institutions. These future processes were defined in consensus based on regulatory and quality requirements. On the other hand, a wide range of data was requested. The model contains a wide range of variable parameters so that each institution can calculate different scenarios by simulation. Together with the experts, the vision, opportunities, limitations and requirements were also established in this phase for the different streams (pharmacy, sterilization and warehouse).


The hospital’s managers now have a simulation tool for the warehouse, pharmacy and sterilisation flows, allowing them to simulate scenarios for cooperation as hospital networks, focussing on achieving benefits in terms of quality and the financial cost.

Just a quick word to congratulate you on the work you did as part of the logistics study on Wallonia and Brussels. This was a huge undertaking and the objectives were very ambitious but you did an excellent job. I’m convinced that this study will be used as a reference for this type of theme.

Guillebert de Fauconval, Director Administration & Finance
Kliniek Sint-Jan

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