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Strategic challenge

Fost Plus was founded from within the industry sector in 1994. The non-profit organisation is responsible for the collection and sorting of domestic packaging waste in Belgium.

The concept and the existing client-server platform of Fost Plus (whose basic principles are now 20 years old) no longer met the current needs of an ever-faster, evolving economy in which one no longer talks about waste, but about raw materials, and in which the thrift economy has become an increasingly important element. As a result of the evolution of packaging management towards sustainable materials, Fost Plus understands that it must reinvent itself in order to prepare for the future.


Review of the current organisation and its activities

An impression of the current state of affairs was drawn up via interviews with stakeholders and process analyses. This provided a clear view of the activities, the existing organisation, and the landscape in which Fost Plus operates, with a focus on the points that require work and the opportunities that exist for Fost Plus to successfully move forward towards the future.

Development of vision, mission and strategy

In order to ensure the lines of vision, mission and strategy were effectively set out, numerous workshops were organised. Starting from the results of the organisational review and a study of the needs of the evolving collection economy, the main principles for the future operation of Fost Plus could be determined.


One of the next steps was the effective integration of the established vision, mission and strategy. Möbius outlined the necessary processes for the most efficient and effective implementation into the organisation. The supporting technical component was not overlooked either: in cooperation with LoQutus, business and IT were also aligned in a well-thought-out modernisation programme, an IT roadmap was drawn up for the next four years, and a new development methodology was worked out. In the near future, Möbius and LoQutus will continue to work together, coaching and mentoring the modernisation programme to keep up the good work over the coming years.


Specifically, Fost Plus is now focusing on a number of projects concerning “more and better” collection (for example, more types of plastics, increasing external sorting, the approach to litter, cooperation with business communities, etc.)

For the longer term, the new vision, mission and strategy have been completely decided and the alignment of business and IT has also netted its first visible results, which have been enthusiastically received by all concerned.

Working through the vision, mission and strategy exercise, we have prepared ourselves for the next ten years.

Kurt Tierens, Director Administration & Information
Fost Plus

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