Drug inspection is a healthy initiative

The task of the FAGG (DG Inspection) has been expanded dramatically and the number of employees is increasing correspondingly.

Strategic challenge

The task of the FAGG (DG Inspection) has been expanded dramatically and the number of employees is increasing correspondingly. In order to steer this in the right direction, DG Inspection wants:

  • to bring operations up to date.
  • adapt the organisational structure.
  • create a culture that supports the new strategic and operational emphases.


The expansion of the sphere of activity and of the number of employees was steered in the right direction through two complementary procedures:


A new organisational structure and a new operating model were developed in close collaboration with all parties involved. A lot of attention was paid to the diversification of the job profiles and the individual development programmes for employees.


A survey (based on the Quinn model) portrayed the corporate culture. The desired corporate culture that supports the new activities and job profiles was developed in workshops.

The result is a blueprint of the organisation with a strong view of employee requirements and a short-term implementation plan. A lot of attention was paid to internal and external communication and the onboarding programme for new recruits.


With the help of Möbius the DG Inspection of FAGG was able to shake off its conflict model and develop into an organisation in which each level seeks solutions constructively and in dialogue:

  • a new organisational structure in which the role and the path of development of each employee is clear.
  • an implementation plan that aims for short-term actions, with enough attention for communication.
  • a corporate culture that stimulates conscious decisions so the existing ‘average’ corporate culture can be left behind.

Möbius is the type of consultant that gets rid of apprehension about consultants. Möbius manages to strike the right delicate balance to go along with the organisation to feel ‘as one’ while also keeping enough distance to remain focused and neutral. Möbius makes you feel as if you did it yourself.

Josiane Van der Elst, General Director
DG Inspectie (FAGG)

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