Supply Chain Management


Recovery and transformation plan for strategic suppliers

Strategic challenge

Airbus heavily depends on the performance of its suppliers for the timely delivery of its new aircraft. Most of these suppliers exclusively work for Airbus because of the technical nature of their products and the rigorous procedures for the approval of new production processes in the aviation industry.

In order to guarantee the delivery of a number of critical parts, Airbus decided to carefully monitor the progress in production in relation to the requirements of the final assembly line. This follow-up is designed to offer a permanent overview of possible supply problems on the Airbus sites and thus better anticipate on possible supply shortages.

By choosing a long-term approach, Airbus simultaneously opted in favour of providing assistance to certain suppliers to eliminate the causes of repeated delays. Obviously this support is built on mutual trust.


The line of balance

In the name of and on behalf of Airbus, Möbius is responsible for checking the supply streams of critical parts to three sites, on a weekly basis, as input for short-term actions. Möbius also reports to AIRBUS based on the actual situation onsite. This monitoring directs the supplier’s attention to how to accelerate the streams of these parts, making it possible to maximise the use of own resources.

Identification of the underlying causes of delays with an overall diagnosis

In addition to Airbus’s diagnostic tools, Möbius is in charge of supplier diagnostics on the three sites to evaluate production management, supply chain management and the development and industrialisation of the new programmes. This process facilitates a continuous update of the main reasons for repeated delays in the supply chain.

Towards a dialogue about reforms with the supplier

Möbius drew up a plan with structural measures for the modernisation of the operational management, together with the suppliers’ teams. Once the plan was validated by the supplier and Airbus, the supplier incorporated this in its own reform plans. The Möbius consultants act as an independent expert for both parties.

Monitoring and adding to the roadmap

Möbius regularly monitors the execution of the proposed actions, with audits, in accordance with the roadmap drawn up by Airbus and its supplier. Möbius supplements the roadmap with a weekly control of the lines of balance based on the most recent observations onsite.


After the delays in deliveries were substantially reduced, we were able to concentrate on fundamental improvements thanks to a durable business transformation.

The relationship of trust between the supplier and consultants has actually enabled us to implement the necessary structural changes.

Nicolas Méalarès, Head of SC Quality Titanium, Forging & Casting

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