Against a backdrop of technological progress with a growing demand for a cloud-based service offering and user interfaces, governmental and government-related organisations benefit greatly from growing into smart organizations.

Even though the term ‘smart organization’ is linked to technology and data, Möbius is convinced that organizations will not excel by focusing only on technology. The most important asset of a smart organization with a positive and sustainable impact on society is its people. Employees (and customers) will be challenged to live, think, work (together) in a different way, and will have to reinvent themselves continuously. In our opinion, this is the challenge for the coming decades.

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Invest in your own social capital!

It is every passionate employee’s challenge to find a balance between the various facets of life. Between work and home, between family and leisure, between…
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Flanders Department of Culture, Youth and Media

How do you prefer to be informed?

The Flemish Minister for Culture, Media, Youth and Brussels, Sven Gatz, recently launched a “citizen’s cabinet” with the aim of getting citizens more involved in…
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Municipality & PCSW Wetteren

Moving into a new space!

The Municipality of Wetteren and the Wetteren Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) have moved into a brand-new city hall located next to the Scheldt…
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Flemisch Department for Culture, Media and Youth

How do you experience Brussels?

Sven Gatz, Flemish Minister for Culture, Media, Youth, and Brussels, and Rachid Madrane, Minister for Youth Aid, Courts, Sports, and the Promotion of Brussels of…
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