Back to the basics of maintenance

On Tuesday 21 February, 2017, Möbius organised an interactive webinar on how to make your maintenance organisation benefit from Industry 4.0. Is predictive maintenance the holy grail? How to go from the maintenance basics to reliable predictive maintenance? What are the key success factors and how can the industrial performance improve along the journey?
Möbius is an international consulting company assisting industrial companies from various industries to achieve enterprise excellence. Many industrial companies today have big amounts of data, yet very few of them exploit their full potential. Experience has shown that organisations applying data analytics and predictive maintenance can drastically reduce their maintenance costs and improve their OEE.
Our speaker Momar Tall, Projects Director at Möbius, Master Black-Belt and Zero-Loss assessor/trainer, has successfully assisted major companies in different countries in their deployment of Lean and Shingo. During the webinar, he shared his experiences of more than 15 years in maintenance strategy deployment from the shop-floor to the executive level.