Enterprise Excellence

How enterprise excellent is your organization?
Can you manage to sustain? 

Research shows that, even though enterprise excellence is already a well-established concept in many organizations, only 10% of enterprise excellence implementations are sustainable and create better results. But what is the missing link towards sustainable enterprise excellence implementations? Launch our tool and find out!

Enterprise excellence is about an organization’s commitment to create value for the customer through qualitative products or services in a full, timely and cost efficient manner. In an excellent organization employees understand and are motivated to support the vision and strategy of the organization. Leaders  provide a safe and healthy work environment for all individuals and stimulate them to improve every day for their clients and the organization itself to sustain this state of excellence.

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How to survive in a volatile world?

In less than two centuries our modern organizations have brought about sensational progress. None of the recent developments in our history, such as Human Resource…
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Guidance towards enterprise excellence

Vandemoortele is undertaking a journey towards enterprise excellence and wanted to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement to remain competitive in the market.
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An important retail bank

Employee advocacy drives customer advocacy

Employee engagement is a challenge for most companies. According to an important retail bank engagement initiatives should lead to digital and customer centric advocates.
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Towards a client oriented organization

Partena Compass’ last organization model had put most focus on profitability and internal efficiency. As customers have become more demanding over the last years, Partena…
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